Sep 12, 2009

have you met miss jones

Lovely finds from Have you met miss jones. It will be fun to have a few different sizes of button plates on the dining table and i love the white owl! [images from have you met miss jones]

Sep 11, 2009

Hararoll, freshly baked

Found this Japanese cake shop website, Hararoll. The style is very simple & clean, so appetizing!

[images from Hararoll]

another shop that i like

I hope to visit CINQ during my next trip to Japan. :) 

[images from CINQ]

Sep 8, 2009

my favorite porcelain

Love this series of concept images from Royal Copenhagen! The hand-painted intricate design on the porcelain has always impressed me.

An interesting fact:
The brushes used by porcelain painters are made from the hairs at the tip of a cow's ears or alternatively the hairs from a reindeer's stomach!

[images from Royal Copenhagen]

Sep 7, 2009

musical birdcage

This pretty music-cage by Nendo is a wireless speaker! How amazing! It can be mounted on the ceiling or be placed on the table with a pretty stand. This will definitely be at the top of my wish list! ... ... when can i get one... ...

Sep 6, 2009

pastel prints

I am drawn to these prints at first sight... find myself wondering in a dreamy lala land... love the pastel colour, the typewriter, letterbox, ferris wheel... These pretty prints are from Skippy Designs.

[images: skippy designs]

nana & her sunday

enjoying a glass of milk.
sitting in front of my mac on a messy desk.
thought of clearing my work desk...
playing games on facebook.
updating my blog.
waiting for a sms that will never come...
will try to sort out my wardrobe.
hope to take a nap in such cooling weather...
like this very moment...
so peaceful, all by myself...

pebbles + rug

How nice to be stepping on a bed of soft pebbles at home... i found this lovely rug by Gandia Blasco via 'Oh Joy'.

[image: Gandia Blasco]

Sep 5, 2009

must try!

Ate this pork & kimchi rice for one of my lunch. The thinly sliced pork and crunchy kimchi made a perfect match! It's so yummy, must try! It's situated inside Mediya supermarket at Liang's Court.

happy friday