Sep 12, 2009

have you met miss jones

Lovely finds from Have you met miss jones. It will be fun to have a few different sizes of button plates on the dining table and i love the white owl! [images from have you met miss jones]

Sep 11, 2009

Hararoll, freshly baked

Found this Japanese cake shop website, Hararoll. The style is very simple & clean, so appetizing!

[images from Hararoll]

another shop that i like

I hope to visit CINQ during my next trip to Japan. :) 

[images from CINQ]

Sep 8, 2009

my favorite porcelain

Love this series of concept images from Royal Copenhagen! The hand-painted intricate design on the porcelain has always impressed me.

An interesting fact:
The brushes used by porcelain painters are made from the hairs at the tip of a cow's ears or alternatively the hairs from a reindeer's stomach!

[images from Royal Copenhagen]

Sep 7, 2009

musical birdcage

This pretty music-cage by Nendo is a wireless speaker! How amazing! It can be mounted on the ceiling or be placed on the table with a pretty stand. This will definitely be at the top of my wish list! ... ... when can i get one... ...

Sep 6, 2009

pastel prints

I am drawn to these prints at first sight... find myself wondering in a dreamy lala land... love the pastel colour, the typewriter, letterbox, ferris wheel... These pretty prints are from Skippy Designs.

[images: skippy designs]

nana & her sunday

enjoying a glass of milk.
sitting in front of my mac on a messy desk.
thought of clearing my work desk...
playing games on facebook.
updating my blog.
waiting for a sms that will never come...
will try to sort out my wardrobe.
hope to take a nap in such cooling weather...
like this very moment...
so peaceful, all by myself...

pebbles + rug

How nice to be stepping on a bed of soft pebbles at home... i found this lovely rug by Gandia Blasco via 'Oh Joy'.

[image: Gandia Blasco]

Sep 5, 2009

must try!

Ate this pork & kimchi rice for one of my lunch. The thinly sliced pork and crunchy kimchi made a perfect match! It's so yummy, must try! It's situated inside Mediya supermarket at Liang's Court.

happy friday

Aug 29, 2009

love this courtyard!

Plenty of potted plants that do not take up any space at all! Cool!

[ image from ffffound ]

Aug 18, 2009

so cute!

photos by Marisa Crawford.

loving these...

I like the styling of these shots from Kate Spade.

bright shade

Finally painted my nails in bright pink! But got to remove it soon, the colour is chipping off...

"a whiter shade of pale"

Last Sunday, I attended this garden style wedding. It was such a nice experience, dining in a "Fairy-tale" setting. Was first greeted by numerous lanterns hanging on the trees, followed by lovely Jazz music and sweet fragrance from the fresh flowers. The wedding favour was a pretty lace fan, really useful for such outdoor event! :)

plum KitKat

It had been a month since i last update my blog... so busy at work... so much OT... anyway yesterday i ate this yummy plum KitKat from Japan. I like the slightly sour taste. And i'm always attracted to Japanese packaging design, always wanted to buy them all!

Jul 19, 2009

Cutie prints

Love these prints on Pheobe's new t-shirt! It's from kid's collection at Zara.

pop-up story book

I was so amazed by this pop-up story book! The details is so intricate and everything just come alive! No wonder this is a must-read book for Shan's kids every night!

Jul 14, 2009

specially for me... many thanks!

[ Part 4 ]
My team gave me a lunch treat to Crystal Jade, my all-time favourite!
A surprised! Green tea & red bean birthday cake!!! Very soft! Nice! :)

[ Part 3 ]
Air-flown Japanese food from Sakuraya! The fruity jelly is really yummy! Fresh treat from FM!

[ Part 2 ]
A sumptuous and luxurious brunch from moo! Superb view from the 70th level and endless flow of delicacy! 

[ Part 1 ] we went for a four hours singing session! Thanks for the presents, RM & V! :)

Jul 5, 2009




... ... i wanted to share a few more interesting short stories by Jimmy but my 'han yu pin yin' really cannot make it! After much struggling, only managed to achieve the above... I like his thoughts, very meaningful to me in a way...

Jun 29, 2009

lovely treats

Today we got a lovely treats from 'The Patissier'. A box of pretty and yummy desserts on a bed of chocolate chips!

Jun 28, 2009

polka dot's high tea

I was attracted to these English style crockery, love it! And the desserts looks really yummy! These are one of the high tea catering sets from Polka Dot. There is also Australia and Moroccan style available.

wow...this is a cake!!!

This is looking so real! A knitting basket cake with fine details and textures. Recently my colleagues, S & J, can't find a nice-looking birthday cake for their kids so they gona dressed up the cake instead. By adding their kid's favourite toys on the cake is a smart idea! And after the party, there will be additional toys to their collection!
[image from Cake Journal]

sunny sunday

It's sunday... how nice to be at the beach! These colourful umbrella sure brighten up one's day! 
[image from Praia Piquinia by Christian Chaize]

prints & blooms

These images are so pretty! I really spent some time admiring them! The colours are gorgeous, the mixed of blooms are interesting and the floral print dresses are so lovely! I'm enjoying it! 

[images from Amy Osaba]

Jun 21, 2009

muji drink

Really love Muji's design! Simple & clean, even for drink's packaging. I bought this mango mixed fruit drink yesterday, the contents is as refreshing as the design! 

my 'Welcome' treats

This is my 1st week at work and really gona thanks my lovely colleagues for treating me 'Welcome' lunch & dinner! I even tried escargot for the 1st time! :)

monday – lunch at genting cafe (from AC)
monday – dinner at Asian Kitchen (from FM)
wednesday – lunch at Ma Maison (from my team)
Friday – dinner at California Kitchen (from WL)

Many thanks!!!

Jun 11, 2009

la la la ... ...

This Fish Leong's CD had been sitting on my desk for awhile... i am stuck with 2 particular songs... forever repeating... still repeating... till now still haven't complete the CD yet... Oh i like this illustration on the disk, a girl holding brolly in a rainy day...