Jul 19, 2009

Cutie prints

Love these prints on Pheobe's new t-shirt! It's from kid's collection at Zara.

pop-up story book

I was so amazed by this pop-up story book! The details is so intricate and everything just come alive! No wonder this is a must-read book for Shan's kids every night!

Jul 14, 2009

specially for me... many thanks!

[ Part 4 ]
My team gave me a lunch treat to Crystal Jade, my all-time favourite!
A surprised! Green tea & red bean birthday cake!!! Very soft! Nice! :)

[ Part 3 ]
Air-flown Japanese food from Sakuraya! The fruity jelly is really yummy! Fresh treat from FM!

[ Part 2 ]
A sumptuous and luxurious brunch from moo! Superb view from the 70th level and endless flow of delicacy! 

[ Part 1 ]
La..la..la.. we went for a four hours singing session! Thanks for the presents, RM & V! :)

Jul 5, 2009




... ... i wanted to share a few more interesting short stories by Jimmy but my 'han yu pin yin' really cannot make it! After much struggling, only managed to achieve the above... I like his thoughts, very meaningful to me in a way...