Jun 29, 2009

lovely treats

Today we got a lovely treats from 'The Patissier'. A box of pretty and yummy desserts on a bed of chocolate chips!

Jun 28, 2009

polka dot's high tea

I was attracted to these English style crockery, love it! And the desserts looks really yummy! These are one of the high tea catering sets from Polka Dot. There is also Australia and Moroccan style available.

wow...this is a cake!!!

This is looking so real! A knitting basket cake with fine details and textures. Recently my colleagues, S & J, can't find a nice-looking birthday cake for their kids so they gona dressed up the cake instead. By adding their kid's favourite toys on the cake is a smart idea! And after the party, there will be additional toys to their collection!
[image from Cake Journal]

sunny sunday

It's sunday... how nice to be at the beach! These colourful umbrella sure brighten up one's day! 
[image from Praia Piquinia by Christian Chaize]

prints & blooms

These images are so pretty! I really spent some time admiring them! The colours are gorgeous, the mixed of blooms are interesting and the floral print dresses are so lovely! I'm enjoying it! 

[images from Amy Osaba]

Jun 21, 2009

muji drink

Really love Muji's design! Simple & clean, even for drink's packaging. I bought this mango mixed fruit drink yesterday, the contents is as refreshing as the design! 

my 'Welcome' treats

This is my 1st week at work and really gona thanks my lovely colleagues for treating me 'Welcome' lunch & dinner! I even tried escargot for the 1st time! :)

monday – lunch at genting cafe (from AC)
monday – dinner at Asian Kitchen (from FM)
wednesday – lunch at Ma Maison (from my team)
Friday – dinner at California Kitchen (from WL)

Many thanks!!!

Jun 11, 2009

la la la ... ...

This Fish Leong's CD had been sitting on my desk for awhile... i am stuck with 2 particular songs... forever repeating... still repeating... till now still haven't complete the CD yet... Oh i like this illustration on the disk, a girl holding brolly in a rainy day...

Jun 2, 2009

ri (4) li (4)

This caught my eyes this morning. It was the lunar calendar hanging on the kitchen wall. Illustrating 5 kids in an outing, stating Children's day on 1st June. All these while i didn't know there's such interesting illustration in this traditional Chinese lunar calendar!