Feb 28, 2009

ice-cream cups

Bought these at a sale, good buy! Adding on to my collection! Did the photo shoot at my dining area, with my blue retro textured wall as background. Haha... actually the surrounding is in quite a mess!

My developing tank since 1999, double wheels, made in japan. In complete darkness, trying to slot in the film and roll it into the wheel... back into the tank, very sure the lid is tight before getting out of the dark room. Pour in solution, shake and start counting...1, 2, 3.... on & on... Expose the film onto the photo paper and 'bathe' them through trays of solutions. That was my photography class during school days... gona develop our own photos... Think i like digital camera the best, just snap & go!

Feb 26, 2009

miss my polka dotty shoe...

So miss this pair of shoe... it went through rain & shine with me during my japan trip. Snap these pix few years ago in japan, so happy to find them again!

Feb 25, 2009

love these colours

Took this photo in Tokyo. The candy colour bicycles looks so yummy! Feel like giving my bicycle a new coat of paint...

colours at home

Took some snapshots of my home... colours on the walls and door. These are painted by me & my sister a few years ago, still look fresh!

my styling

These are some settings that i have styled & conceptualized a month ago. Styling from scratch...

Feb 24, 2009

an afternoon tea

An afternoon tea with my miniature cake + teapots set! Lot of free time today, so start to style and snap... follow by a bit of design... kind of miss my job...

my notebook

This is the little notebook in my bag. Scribbled with lots of tiny lettering and drawings. And yes, i drew the cover. A little tree-house that filled with things that i like...my lalaland...