Apr 30, 2009

sweden green house

How nice to have a tea party in this lovely green house. Sipping tea and enjoying the greenery... If i have a garden i wish to squeeze one in! I wouldn't mind even if it is a mini one! [images from Sweden Green House


Isn't it cool to stick up these around the house! An interesting use of typography and it create a statement on the wall. Love these!

[ images from Paristic Stickers ]

Apr 21, 2009

over the weekend...

I went to Batam resort. The blue sky above us was beautiful! I was happily snapping away but after awhile i got sea sick...

Can you see the heart shaped cloud above? So cool! The pix below are the Tea Tree Spa and cafe at Holiday Inn Resort. The outdoor jacuzzi at the spa was my favourite spot! This trip was really enjoyable except for the boat ride...

Apr 17, 2009

Apr 13, 2009

Brunch at PS cafe

This is my first visit to PS cafe at Dempsey road. Surrounded by greenery, a very relaxing ambience. Although we are seated inside but the large windows allow us to enjoy the lush scenery. I like the assorted Scandinavian chairs in the cafe! These are the 3 sets of yummy brunch that we ordered.

p.s. The portions are big!

Apr 11, 2009

push button house

This illy's push button house is amazing! It takes approximately 90 seconds to open up! From a standard shipping container to a fully functional cafe! It can customized to be a home or office even! It will be so cool if we can have one here! Created by artist / architect Adam Kalkin. [ images from illy ]

Apr 9, 2009

sofa + desk + bed

This stylish multifunctional system is a sofa, desk and bed! Will looks great with black & white furnishing! Designed by Simone Brewster.

love these...

Chest of drawers from Tejo Remy. These drawers do not have fixed form, it can be rearranged in any structure. Isn't it cool! I would love to have one in my future home!

on the wall

I always like wallpaper or graphics on the walls. The graphics together with your furnishing can create interesting stories! So don't simply clutter a corner with furniture to fill up the space, just put up a bold print! Wallpaper from Le Souk!

Apr 7, 2009

marie antoinette

Just happened to stumbled across these images and wanna share in my blog. I love the extravagant settings in Marie Antoinette, simply irresistible! And the dramatic costumes, headsets and accessories are incredible! Stunning visuals! 

These two behind the scene images are interesting too! The contrast of two different era, showing Mac Book and Converse shoes! 


Really enjoy these peaceful moments of the prints from Federico Ferrari. And i like the effects from holga camera (only 2 of the above pix), very feeling...

Apr 6, 2009

pattern bakery

Illustrations on fabric from Pattern Bakery.

little attic

Last Friday, i was doing freelance in this cute little design house. I'm so proud of these 3 little girls that made this attic so cosy and welcoming!

This space is filled with interesting items that reflect their individual characters. C love anything that is white, S love everything from Muji and T love gardening! It is sure a lovely place to work in!

Apr 2, 2009


Love these little cotton dresses from periwinklebloom, so sweet and pretty... 

Apr 1, 2009

a great pair

The used of geometric shapes in these shoes designs are stunning! Designed by Marloes Ten Bhomer.

serve it in style...

I styled these settings for 'Fabfinds' in Home&Decor, April issue. Really love porcelain wares, therefore proposed this idea to the AD. The details in prints, shapes and textures are simply irresistible! Hope you will like these spreads too!

the old is new again

Yesterday, Fmei show me a pretty vintage chair that she just bought. Though it was a used piece but was still in good condition and looking cool! Was browsing design sponge and saw these before & after makeover of chairs. Fmei, you can get inspiration from these then decide if you want to get a fresh coat of paint for yours! [ images from design sponge ]